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Karaoke Wednesday & Thursday Nights

Think your Elvis or a Rock star? Or do you just like singing? Why not try Karaoke a the Noosa Heads Surf Club?

We have great Karaoke Hosts and a wide selection of local and international songs to perform. Even if you are a backpacker touring your way around Australia, there will be songs for you to perform.

Karaoke is great fun. Haven’t we all wanted to get up and sing Khe Sahn, Down Under or April Sun in Cuba on stage? If you are too shy to get up on your own, bring a friend or two along to help you out, or to hide behind. If you are not confident singing on your own, the crowd and host will help you out. Failing that a couple of drinks from the bar might just give you enough courage to perform.

Karaoke is also great for those who can sing, and want to develop their live performance skills and become comfortable performing in front of a crowd.

The Noosa Heads Surf Club has Karaoke on Wednesday & Thursday nights from 7.30pm. Karaoke at the Noosa Surf Club is a fantastic way to catch up with friends and just watch some of the great (and not so great) performances. Who knows, you might find yourself up singing.

One thing for sure is it’s the best Karaoke in Noosa.
Email us for more information about Karaoke at the Noosa Surf Club Supporters Club Bar

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