Club Policies 

Access to Senior Club Amenities Policy V5

BM Award Subsidy Policy V1 Final

Bursary Policy V3

Champion Lifesaver_Surf Rescue Board Policy V2 Final

Chaperoning Policy V2


Competition Rights Only Transfer Policy V1

Craft Damage Policy & Insurance Requirements V2 – Final

Default Policy V2 Final

Directors Credit Card Policy V1

Employee_Contractor Payment Protocol Policy V1

Fitness Training Sessions Policy V1 Jan 2018_Final

Gym Policy V4 updated Jan 2018

Injured Members Policy v 2

Sports Carnival IRB Water Safety Policy V1 Final

JAC Board Subsidy Policy V2

JAC Bronze Medallion Water Safety Patrol Reward Policy 2017-2018 V1 Final

JAC Team Selection Policy V3 

JAC Training Levy V2

JAC Contingency Plan Policy – V1

Locker Policy – Final

NHSLSC Marine Licence Policy V2


Member Code of Conduct V May18


Membership Transfer Policy Version 2 27.09.15

MS06 – SLSQ Blue Card Screening Policy

Officials Reimbursement Policy V2 Final


Peregian Clubhouse – Hire Policy v1

Peregian Hire Application Form

Proficiencies Policy 24.08.15 V2 27.09.2015

Purchase Order Policy V1

Recognition of Membership Status Policy

Sessional Coaching Contracts Policy V2 Final

Member Social Media and Online Communications Policy

Special Events Policy V1

Swim Subsidy Surf Sports Policy V4 Final

Team Selection Policy V2 Final

Training Policy V2 Final

Truck Usage Policy – cc

Uniform Policy – Final

Visitor Policy V1